Five Travel Tips To Stay Cool While Traveling In Summers

I’m not a big fan of the summer season, so I love to travel in the winters and spring. I totally dread the idea of traveling in summers because of the heat. Summers are hot and humid and no matter which part of the world you are traveling summers are always annoying. Packing your luggage, carrying it to the car, driving up to the airport, then dragging your luggage at security checkpoints all is hard work and makes you sweat particularly more during the summer season. Recently, I came across a post on a travel blog that shared a couple of tips to stay cool in summer season when traveling, I used these and they worked for me. So here I’m sharing these tips with you for staying cool while traveling in summers.

Carry An Empty Stainless Steel Water Bottle:

The last time I traveled with plastic water bottles they asked me to chuck them in the a bag where they were collecting all the water bottles before I could pass the security. So I would recommend that you carry an empty water bottle flask with you and refill it from the airport as you will come across many water fountains at every spot.

Consider Carrying A Foldable Fan:

Many airports have air conditioning facilities, but at times if it’s considerably hot and there is a lot of rush at the airport, then you won’t be able to feel the AC coupling. In such a condition I recommend you to bring a portable small fan. Imagine you are stuck at an airport where you just don’t feel the air conditioning what you will do.

Wear And Pack Light:

This may sound good to you, when traveling in summer’s wear clothes which are summer-friendly, materials like linen and cotton will keep you cool. Remember not to over pack and pack according to the season, pack a full sleeve shirt for indoors in case if the AC at the airport or in the flight goes high you can layer yourself.

Wear Comfy Shoes:

Your shoes should be good for walking particularly try to wear shoes which are made from breathable material so that they dry easily in case of humidity. There are many lightweight and water-friendly shoes available in the markets that are good for summer wear.

Eat Light And Less:

One of the biggest mistake people make while traveling in summers is that they eat a heavy meal, particularly in the afternoons. I personally recommend that you should avoid eating greasy food as it will make you feel heavy and you don’t want to end up sick at the airport due to the high temperatures. So it’s best you eat light food like salads or balanced meals.

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